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In this course we cover the wide range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is used to protect employees and is required to be readily available at no cost to the employee based on their job duties. There are many opportunities for employees to be exposed to hazardous materials and unsafe working conditions. This course reviews the various types of PPE, to helping the employee understand their personal safety responsibilities, and how they can positively contribute to a work culture of safety.   Read More

This course reviews the proper safeguards for electrical safety while working on equipment to protect the safety of the employee and others. The process for Lock-Out/Tag-Out which is an OSHA requirement is discussed along with examples of incidents that have resulted in serious injuries and death from becoming complacent when working on powered equipment. This course will help employees to remember the importance of consistently applying the Lock-Out/Tag-Out standards.   Read More

The issues of identifying and preventing infections in healthcare environment and community best practices presented with references from the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.   Read More

In this course the participant will learn the basics of how to identify, segregate, clean-up of minor and major spills, and the disposal of hazardous waste and universal waste at the work site location. This begins with a solid foundation on the principles of identifying universal and hazardous waste, the amount of waste that a first responder can safely handle for minor spills and general disposal, and the proper documentation and packaging that is required.   Read More

This course reviews guidelines categorizing pharmaceutical waste, maintaining and updating an inventory of pharmaceutical waste streams, managing waste storage sites and disposing of waste material. The guidelines provide suggestions on how to manage your program. Pharmaceutical waste that meet the requirements delineated in 40 CFR 261.33(e) (P list) or 40 CFR 261.33(f) (U list), or exhibits a characteristic of hazardous as defined in the 40 CFR 261 must be managed and disposed of in accordance to Federal, State, and local regulations.   Read More

This course is required annually for employees to reinforce the "Right-to-Know" laws. Topics include how to identify and create a hazardous communication plan, the use of Safety Data Sheets (formerly MSDS), the Global Harmonized Standard (GHS), and the safe use, storage and disposal of hazardous material and chemicals.   Read More

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