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The purpose of this course is to identify and explore the four basic leadership skills, which include leadership basics, coaching skills, servant leadership, and emotional intelligence (EQ). Course Objectives Understand the basic leadership skills necessary to be an effective leader Know how persuasive coaching skills can help the management team Identify ten principles of servant leadership Define the key elements of emotional intelligence Read More

Common types of identity theft, phishing, and other scams devised to gather sensitive personal information. Identity theft is a serious problem that affects the victims and can potentially damage the reputation of businesses if it occurs due to a data breach. With the HIPAA 2013 Omnibus final rule, business associates must report certain data breaches to protect the consumer and are subject to fines. Course Objectives Discuss identity theft Understand the impact on consumers and businesses Explain regulations Know how to prevent identity theft Read More

In this course, we will show how management and employee attitudes can positively affect work performance and the professionalism of your enterprise. We introduce the concept of “stages of development”, which is a tool available to help identify employee strengths and areas for growth and development – but even more importantly, a road map of specifics to achieve excellence. Course Objectives Explain the best way to motivate employees Understand different motivating factors Read More

We help you understand the classifications of waste streams, proper handling, segregation, and disposal. We also cover waste minimization and recycling techniques to measure and decrease the carbon footprint of your facility – no matter how large or small your organization is – we help you understand how to be 100% compliant and environmentally friendly.   Read More

Insight into the modes of transmission and types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required for protecting yourself and others from HIV are presented in this course. Review the causes, symptoms, vaccinations, and treatment of Hepatitis, HIV (AIDS) and Tuberculosis, which are also known Bloodborne Pathogens.   Read More

This course provides a basic overview of radiation safety, including preventing short and long-term exposures and the employers responsibility for monitoring employees that work with equipment such as x-ray machines issues associated with radiation.   Read More

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