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Course 1 of 5: Your patients visit your practice primarily to see the physician. In their minds, the rest of the time is spent waiting. That’s where you come in. You are the face of the business, you set the tone, you define the reputation of the practice. You do this every time you interact with the patient. In this course, Elizabeth Woodcock guides you through wait management including designing the waiting room, receiving the patient, managing the wait, calling the patient to the back, and setting the tone on the phone. About the speaker This course is hosted by Elizabeth Woodcock, a speaker, trainer and author who is passionately dedicated to helping physician practices achieve and sustain patient satisfaction, practice efficiency, and profitability. An expert at practice operations and revenue cycle management, she is nationally recognized for her outstanding presentations and writings aimed at improving the business of medicine. Her education and expertise, combined with her humor and an engaging delivery, make her popular with physicians and administrators alike. Next course and bundle discount This is course one of a five-part series: The Patient Relations Superstar with Elizabeth Woodcock. To see the discounted bundle or enroll in the next course, click here.  Read More

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