The Patient Relations Superstar Series with Elizabeth Woodcock - Online Course Series

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Do you or someone in your practice need to improve your interaction with patients? This is a skill that can set your practice apart.

This curriculum is made up of a series of five courses on successfully interacting with patients in a consistently professional manner to make their visit less stressful and worry-free. And make your own day better in the process! 

It’s so exciting because the courses are really interactive. They include:

  • Activities that will help you develop your skills
  • Review questions to reinforce learning
  • And an assessment at the end of each course to measure your learning

You can purchase the entire curriculum (at a discounted price!) or individual courses. There may be some modules that better meet your needs depending on where you are in terms of your patient interaction. Click the course titles to view individual descriptions.

1. Wait Management - Best Practices to Handle the Patient’s Wait $49

Your patients visit your practice primarily to see the physician. In their minds, the rest of the time is spent waiting. That’s where you come in. You are the face of the business, you set the tone, you define the reputation of the practice. You do this every time you interact with the patient. In this course, Elizabeth Woodcock guides you through wait management including designing the waiting room, receiving the patient, managing the wait, calling the patient to the back, and setting the tone on the phone.

2. Customer Service - On the Telephone…and Online - $49

It’s likely you are juggling multiple tasks in your office or facility and it’s difficult to answer the phone and answer emails while completing all your other tasks. And it’s likely the patients don’t feel good or are nervous about seeing the doctor. But each patient interaction with your practice or facility sets the tone and the impression. In this course, Elizabeth Woodcock helps you refine your patient communication skills both on the telephone and in email.

3. The Moment of Truth - The Face of the Business $49

The moment of truth is any instance when a patient has an opportunity to make a judgment about the quality of service you provide. Many of these moments occur during interactions with you and your colleagues, or they could occur before the patient arrives. These small but important moments of truth make deep impressions that patients remember and talk about for a long time. In this course, Elizabeth Woodcock gives you tools to improve your non-verbal and verbal impressions with your patients through moments of truth.

4. Preparing Yourself - How to Handle Patient Complaints - $49

Providing the highest level of service and creating customer loyalty is not about the price, product, or place; it’s about the people. Learn the techniques of dealing with challenging patients and situations, what to say and how to say it, and you’ll be on the road to delivering outstanding customer service. In this course, Elizabeth Woodcock gives you the tools to prepare for tough situations, get through those situations, and then learn from the challenge.

5. Mastering Customer Service - The Ten Commandments $49

Customer service is the human touch that makes your medical practice or facility your patients’ first choice for their care. The key to building this patient loyalty is excellent customer service. Join Elizabeth Woodcock as she presents ten commandments for building patient loyalty through excellent customer service.

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