Texting and Social Media in the Practice of Medicine with Michael Sacopulos - Online Course

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There's a whole lot of texting going on out there! But what are the rules? Can I text my patients? What kind of information can I send? What are the pitfalls?

What about social media? What can I post? How should I respond to a negative post?

Join Michael Sacopulos as he shares the guidelines from the Office for Civil Rights, the 7 Keys to Safe Text, and the 5 Keys to Safe Social Media Use.



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About the Speaker

This course is hosted by Mike Sacopulos, CEO of Medical Risk Institute (MRI) and General Counsel for Medical Justice Services. In 2012, he won the Edward B. Stevens ‘Article of the Year’ Award for MGMA and had a Top 10 article of 2014 on Medscape. He attended Harvard College, London School of Economics and Indiana University/Purdue University School of Law.


Important Notes

  • Recorded April 2019.
  • Availity cannot issue refunds.


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By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Texting and Social Media with Michael Sacopulos


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Online Course: Texting and Social Media in the Practice of Medicine
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Survey: Texting and Social Media in the Practice of Medicine
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