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These four assessments developed by Sarah Holt, of Holt Medical Practice Solutions, are tailored for medical practices. Don't waste time and money hiring the wrong staff. This can be your best chance at hiring the most successful staff by screening candidates using these assessments.

This bundle includes all four assessments (which can also be purchased individually)

About the Speaker

Sarah is a full-time faculty member at Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO, in the new bachelor’s and master’s health management programs. The program has been ranked among the nation’s top 10 Best Online Healthcare Administration Degrees.

For many years she has been a successful medical practice executive and consultant for health care organizations. Her teaching experience includes teaching graduate level university classes; health care administration in the MHA program at Saint Louis University. She has facilitated on-line classes for MGMA and speaks nationally on health care management topics to audiences of physicians, management, and staff.

Sarah is the author of two books published by Medical Group Management Association. Get the Money in the Door: Physician Billing Basics, 2010, a primer for training medical office insurance staff and is instructional for medical practice executives to know what their billing staff needs to know to be effective. Medical Office Billing: A Self-Study Training Manual, 2013, a comprehensive introduction to and basic understanding of the fundamentals of medical office insurance.

Important Notes

  • Recorded March 10, 2016.
  • Availity cannot issue refunds for assessments.
  • In accordance with this Agreement, Availity hereby grants the licensee a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, perpetual license to use the Online Assessment or Online Assessments for licensee's internal business purposes only.


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Acknowledgement: Sarah Holt assessment acknowledgement
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Handout: How Do You Hire for Revenue Success?
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On-Demand Training: How do you hire for revenue success?
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Tool: Medical Office Front Desk Staff Behavioral Predictor and Key
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Tool: Medical Office Front Desk Staff Knowledge Assessment and Key
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Tool: Medical Office Insurance Staff Characteristics Assessment and Key
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Tool: Medical Office Insurance Staff Knowledge Assessment and Key
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Bio: Sarah Holt
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AAPC Assessment: How do you hire for revenue success?
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