HIPAA and Patient Privacy Training for Mental Health Providers and Staff with Michael Sacopulos 2022 - Online Course

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In this on-demand course, learn about common patient privacy and HIPAA-related issues that affect mental health providers and their staff. Hosted by industry expert Mike Sacopulos, attendees will learn ways to remain HIPAA-compliant while protecting patient privacy and avoiding fines from The Office for Civil Rights.

This course covers:

  • How state laws might impact mental health professionals, including:

    • State laws permitting vs. requiring the reporting of possible threats to third-parties

    • State laws on abortion

  • Privacy and security of patient records and patient confidence, including:

    • Social media breaches

    • Ransomware, malware, and e-mail phishing

    • Laptop and other device security

  • Compliance considerations, including:

    • HIPAA Safe Harbor Act

    • Cybersecurity standards and best practices for the healthcare industry (NIST SP 800-30)

    • Enterprise-wide security risk assessments

    • Business associate privacy risks and business associate agreements

    • Medical records requests (Right of Access Initiative)

  • Proposed changes to legislation and guidelines, including:

    • HIPAA

    • CARES Act, 42 CFR Part 2

    • Congressional bills impacting health data and security

About the Speaker                                                                                        

This course is hosted by Mike Sacopulos, CEO of Medical Risk Institute (MRI) and General Counsel for Medical Justice Services. In 2012, he won the Edward B. Stevens ‘Article of the Year’ Award for MGMA and had a Top 10 article of 2014 on Medscape. He attended Harvard College, London School of Economics, and Indiana University/Purdue University School of Law.

Important Notes

  • For auditing purposes, you must register individually and complete and pass the assessment.

  • If you complete this course, you don't need to complete HIPAA and Patient Privacy Training for Medical Providers and Staff.

  • Recorded July 2022.

  • Availity cannot issue refunds.

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Legal Disclaimer

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By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate of completion


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Online Course: HIPAA and Patient Privacy Training for Mental Health Providers and Staff with Michael Sacopulos 2022
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